I’m sorry for your pain,

That dwells so deep inside,

As a bystander looking in,

Please know that I have tried,

To fill those hurting gaps,

By supporting all your needs,

By sitting by your side,

And listening to your pleads,

I can’t imagine what it’s like,

To walk inside your head,

I just listen to your stories,

And hold your hand instead,

You don’t really need my sympathy,

You’re way too strong for that,

But it wouldn’t hurt a little bit,

To let me have your back…

To the woman I can’t stop loving, even if I wanted to…


The pain is at the surface,

So hard I’d seeked to bury,

Deep emotions with a purpose,

Nothing simple or ordinary,

Now the world can see the cracks,

All exposed with no protection,

With no one to have my back,

It’s my heart, piercing dissection,

I opened up so much,

That the gates can’t be restrained,

Now my sickness is my crutch,

My emotions un-contained,

I never asked for this,

And I gave you all I could,

Now my world has gone amiss,

And I’m broken now for good…

Lost in Transalation

There is a cell where love is bard,

And adoration has no writes,

A prisoner is praying for bale,

Starved for lust, seeking one byte,

Yet their crime makes them a boor,

Or so they like to make it seam,

For the truth is oh too suite,

As there is concealment in their storey,

Of the lover they did sleigh,

With a noose which they did titan,

Which entombed them in this sell,

So begin to count the daze,

As their emotions start to dual,

As parole will never heel,

The love they lost in Transalation…

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Betrayal Within

You haunt my dreams,

The image of you,

The happy, infallible you,

Brings me utter bliss,

As we are reunited,

As I find love in your eyes,

Comfort in your arms,

Then daybreak,

And there floods the bitterness,

The cold, heart wrenching reality,

The world where I’m angry,

The world where you are a million miles away,

With another,

Yearning for them,

Unaware of my pain,

The image burns red,

And now, what was once bliss,

Turns into utter dismay,

Mind, how you betray me,

Sleep, how you toy,

My emotions far from safe from myself…