I’ve reached the end of this journey,

I’ve exhausted my emotional bank,

And have now overdrafted,

I accept that…

This is the end of this road,

Looking back it was bumpy and arduous,

Painful to cross,

I accept that…

This is where I wave good bye,

As every good book must end,

Every gallant story find its climax,

I accept that…

This is where I tip my hat,

Grace the stage for the bow,

Lock in the prestige,

I accept that…

~ Dillon Scott

Lost in Transalation

There is a cell where love is bard,

And adoration has no writes,

A prisoner is praying for bale,

Starved for lust, seeking one byte,

Yet their crime makes them a boor,

Or so they like to make it seam,

For the truth is oh too suite,

As there is concealment in their storey,

Of the lover they did sleigh,

With a noose which they did titan,

Which entombed them in this sell,

So begin to count the daze,

As their emotions start to dual,

As parole will never heel,

The love they lost in Transalation…

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I reach across the darkness,

My hands they stroke your face,

Trying to calm your restlessness,

The bliss you have displaced,

I can hear you murmur,

As your teeth begin to grind,

Your nightmares have consumed you,

I try to ease your mind,

I hold you close to me, my love,

hopefully it will transcend,

Across the planes of slumber,

To grant you some amends,

As I stay up through the night,

And hold you tight, my dear,

I can’t protect you from your dreams,

But in the real world I’m here…

Your Thoughts

Hello friends.

So I’m just kind of polling my audience out there. I am getting close to 100 followers and I think that is just amazing. I’m blessed to have the engaged creative types that I do following my work.

So I have branched out to Patreon and have started a website to help fund my first poetry book. I have published books before, but never poetry. 

So do you think it’s a good move to use patreon to help the effort? I have vast publishing knowledge and personal poetry I am offering as incentives. Also feedback and one on one sessions. 

What do you guys think?

The Remains

Remind me how this works again,

The tragedy and shame,

The steep decline in chivalry, 

The passing of the blame,

Forget the violent outbursts,

Calling me those names,

Deflection is a funny thing,

When a moth is drawn to flames,

Seeking out the brand new scars,

Screaming all the same,

You hover over madness,

Your brain doesn’t complain,

Joy is now just obsolete,

Don’t drag me into this game,

As your misery is now complete,

Only sorrow now remains…


You came to me while dreaming,

Comforting my restlessness,

Easing my malcontent,

In your arms you took me,

Laying head upon your chest,

I could hear your rhythmic heartbeat,

Deep in sync with my own,

Looking up into your eyes,

The reflection of my soul,

Only peace I seem to find,

Is profound within my mind,

Behind the eyelids, in the darkness

Beyond the river of my tears,

Are the remnants of my visions,

The long lasting painful you…