I’m sorry for your pain,

That dwells so deep inside,

As a bystander looking in,

Please know that I have tried,

To fill those hurting gaps,

By supporting all your needs,

By sitting by your side,

And listening to your pleads,

I can’t imagine what it’s like,

To walk inside your head,

I just listen to your stories,

And hold your hand instead,

You don’t really need my sympathy,

You’re way too strong for that,

But it wouldn’t hurt a little bit,

To let me have your back…

To the woman I can’t stop loving, even if I wanted to…


It’s the moment caught on rewind,

In the recesses of the mind,

From the melencoly bloom,

Of the things left far behind,

As that resonating echoing,

That insomnia does bring,

To question all the pointless thoughts,

That you’ve been dewelling in,

Sadly, there is no switch,

That will allow the disengage,

When love has fled from your grasp,

And all that’s left is rage…