Your Thoughts

Hello friends.

So I’m just kind of polling my audience out there. I am getting close to 100 followers and I think that is just amazing. I’m blessed to have the engaged creative types that I do following my work.

So I have branched out to Patreon and have started a website to help fund my first poetry book. I have published books before, but never poetry. 

So do you think it’s a good move to use patreon to help the effort? I have vast publishing knowledge and personal poetry I am offering as incentives. Also feedback and one on one sessions. 

What do you guys think?


It’s weird when you look around and think in the back of your mind if there is something wrong with yourself… Everyone looks so happy, what could you be doing wrong? But then remember perception is everything. You have no clue what that smile hides, what the laughter conceals… That’s when you realize that this world is full of imposters like you…

50 followers!! A bit about me…

Thank you so much…. it is an honor to have so many of you follow my work. 

Most would ask why “transalation” is misspelled. It’s my representation of a confusing thought that appears right at first glance.. plus it’s kind of ironic… don’t you think?

This blog has been the fourth one I’ve created. Every time I’ve had a difficult moment in my life I find this as an outlet. 

I have hundreds of poems floating around in the ether, that I’ve never bothered to retrieve. They belong to the interwebs now…

My first blog I started in 2002, before blogging was a thing. It was a terrible breakup with a person that inspired me to write and find happiness in my creative side. Sadly it turned into a slaughter as she found greener pastures which would eventually leave her divorced and hating the world. I would never wish bad onto anyone, it was just sad to see.

The next two were both started because of a relationship that remains complicated to this day. Every time I would loose this person, my depression would be overwhelming. I don’t blame them. Our lives were just really complicated.

This fourth start I hope to keep up. I try to write every little thought, every little whimsical moment I could think of that would reflect upon my artistic soul… 

Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your comments and for all the encouragement. I hope I can inspire some, as many have inspired me.

Be awesome.

The Moon & A Text

Last night I reached for my phone and I texted them when I saw the moon through the clouds. It was the most awe inspiring thing I had seen in a long time. The moon was huge and of a pinkish hue, made ominous by the overcast. 

I didn’t think about how this person may not want to talk to me, or how they had set boundaries, my only thought was “They have to see this because it will inspire them to write..” I wanted them to share that moment with me. 

I longed to hear their thoughts about it, wished I could see their eyes and reaction as they gazed upon it. They replied back. Something simple, but it filled my heart with happiness.

It actually inspired me to write something quickly. Something metaphorical that reminded me of my relationship with this person. Our lapses in conversation, how we never really had to apologize, just kept going like time had stood still till we interacted again. They acknowledged the poem too…. I was on a roll…

There was a time where we would share such moments. Miles apart, but looking at the same sky, thinking and wondering. Always going back to our lives, complicated, but made perfect because we had each other to rely on. I miss that… 

I think deep inside we all look up to the sky and think back to someone or something special. A connection to a beautiful celestial object that reminds us of the one we have here on earth. 

I hope they read this. Not for the sake of being sentimental, but so they see that I want nothing more than to inspire them as they have inspired me. 

They believe that they will never be loved, without really knowing how much they truly are…  


I never had a problem saying I’m sorry. I understand I make mistakes, I know I am no where near perfect. I think it’s important to say you’re sorry, but mean it. I wouldn’t say it to blow you off or change the subject. I genuinely felt regret for what I had done. Didn’t matter if it was a missunderstanding  or a defect in my character, I would own it. I never doubted your apologies either. They felt sincere. I’ve had apologies that left me questioning, others that I had no doubt were tools for dismissal. Why is it so easy for some, yet so hard for others? I wish we never had to say it, because there would be nothing to own up to. Reality doesn’t work that way. They say it is easier to hurt those you love the most. So technically, the people you love should be hearing that apology more than anyone else, but ask yourself “Do they?”