You know that I am broken,

Pieces of myself,

With all that I have spoken,

No one listens, except oneself,

I can tell you how I function,

How it goes from day to day,

How the brain tends to malfunction,

At the hurtful things you say,

But it’s not always the darkness,

In this land of inbetweens,

Coming off as heartless,

As obtrusive or obscene,

But I told you I was broken,

Caught between the truth and lies,

As the anger is awoken,

All I do is run and hide,

This is all I know to do,

As I’ve been hurt so many times,

Is it more than you can chew?

Caught in my pantomime,

So I’ve told you of the flaws in me,

And I love you, yes I do,

Because through these broken eyes I see,

That you are broken too….

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