With a flip of the card I became the fool,

I knew how it would turn out,

I blame myself, 

I blame you,

I opened the door and you walked in with bat in hand,

Don’t tell me you didn’t know,

Lies don’t become us, 

But apparently we become them,

I told you a thousand times,

I will not pick up pieces,

I will not mend you back together,

You will lie in your own filth,

For all the outer beauty you posses,

There is an ugliness inside you,

You’ve seen it, 

But I’ve helped you cover it up,

You were not the first to do this,

This exact thing!

Like you studied from the same damn playbook,

I hate myself for this,

Flavor of the week for so many years,

I never should have stayed,

I should have cut the chord,

Now there is nothing but gritting teeth,

And sharp pain,

So much pain,

That pain which I thought I would never feel again,

Thanks for that,

The hand, through the chest, ripping the heart,

But if history serves to show anything,

Anything at all,

You’ll see what this brings,

I watched this train wreck before,

I’m better than this,

Better than the way you’ve treated me,

You said no one has ever treated you like I did,

Has ever cared or done what I’ve done for you,

Well, welcome to the regret,

Serving one,

And if you think that it won’t happen to you,

I’m telling you, 

the Deja Vu is like whiplash, 

You’ll realize after I’m gone,

How you threw away your chance at a happiness you’ve seeked,

Keep searching, because it’s futile,

Because there is a reason I was “too good to be true”,

Because I am,

One in a million, baby,

Yet it’s because of this,

The stupid smile on my face,

The complacency,

The “let you get away with murder”,

That’s my own fault,

I’m bleeding out, 

I’m done,

You did this,

I helped,

But don’t worry,

In a week, 

You’ll forget,


by the end of this line…

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