The Listener

An out streatched hand,

Here it is, 

You can choose to take it,

Or you can choose to turn and ignore it,

The path you walk will always be your own,

But the cry for help is best tackled together,

Let me be that shoulder,

Let me comfort you,

Let me listen,

Never has a battle been this hard,

Never has it been won alone,

I won’t say “get over it”,

I won’t be dismissive,

This is not about me, 

It’s about you,

I will always listen,

I am not here to judge,

I will never condescend,

I will never laugh at your baggage,

Or criticize your beliefs,

I understand your flaws,

And I am here to listen,

Slam your fist and yell,

Cry and throw something,

Paint a picture or write a poem,

I’ll be here to yell with you,

To help clean up,

To admire your creativity,

I am here to listen…

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