I don’t know how to start this,

As my words are hit or miss,

My heart has hit rock bottom,

As I drift in an abyss,


My words are like daggers,

You have told me this before,

I have never meant to hurt you,

But this pain I can’t ignore,


I wanted to be your knight in shining armor,

The one who saves the day,

The super hero you admire,

And in my arms you’d stay,


But instead I wear a different hat,

And have tied you to these tracks,

The train is coming and I just stand there,

With things I’ve said I can’t take back,


I have never met someone,

Who has stolen so much of my heart,

Who can break me with a simple look,

With words could rip me apart,


I love you, this much you know,

My eyes will never lie,

I’ll be here in your shadow,

You have me till I die,


So when I hurt you, I hurt me too,

And our bond becomes endangered,

I’m supposed to be your best friend,

But I treat you like a stranger…


Why does it hurt, dig down so deep,

Why does it matter, what do I seek,

Why must I hear it, why losing sleep?

As if there’s more to those 3 words, than all the things you do,

Without you I am broken, I can’t make it without you…

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