Lucille, Come By The Fire

Lucille, come by the fire,

Sit with me a spell,

Tell me what your heart desires,

Explain those dreams, as well,

Intoxicate me with your fantasies,

Your poetic hue,

Your obvious complexities,

Your flaws that make you, you,

Let the fire warm your skin,

As your body’s cold as ice,

Let the thawing now begin,

Starts decay, but don’t think twice,

How quickly we forget the fight,

When our time has come,

As we struggle reaching for that light,

In darkness we succumb,

But come and sit here by my fire,

And tell me truths and lies,

Let the flame fuel and inspire,

Now tell me how you died…

This particular piece is from the end of the first issue of a four issue comic book I am currently writting. It explores how far one man would go to help save the soul of the woman he loved (Lucille) and condemned to hell after a horrific car crash that only he survived. 

Let me know your thoughts and I’ll go into more detail as the story progresses! Thanks.. ~ Lost

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