Come rest your head upon my chest,

Feel my arms engulf your soul,

Forget your problems and all the rest,

This heart I can’t control,

That’s a beat which screams your name,

A love in absolute,

My hands caress your body’s frame,

As my lips are in pursuit,

Your essence attacks my senses,

Defenseless, I am weak,

To hell with all the consequences,

Let’s take this to its peak,

Discovering every inch of you,

Leaving nothing unexplored,

Triggered in by Deja Vu,

This person I’ve adored,

Our bodies have become entwined,

And you are safe with me,

If they say that truly “love is Blind”,

I do not want to see,

For all I need is in my arms,

Your soul, body, and mind,

Your loveliness and all your charms,

The definition of “Devine”,

Find solace in our passion’s heat,

But love is more than lust,

Your heart I never will mistreat,

And a promise of my trust…  

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