50 followers!! A bit about me…

Thank you so much…. it is an honor to have so many of you follow my work. 

Most would ask why “transalation” is misspelled. It’s my representation of a confusing thought that appears right at first glance.. plus it’s kind of ironic… don’t you think?

This blog has been the fourth one I’ve created. Every time I’ve had a difficult moment in my life I find this as an outlet. 

I have hundreds of poems floating around in the ether, that I’ve never bothered to retrieve. They belong to the interwebs now…

My first blog I started in 2002, before blogging was a thing. It was a terrible breakup with a person that inspired me to write and find happiness in my creative side. Sadly it turned into a slaughter as she found greener pastures which would eventually leave her divorced and hating the world. I would never wish bad onto anyone, it was just sad to see.

The next two were both started because of a relationship that remains complicated to this day. Every time I would loose this person, my depression would be overwhelming. I don’t blame them. Our lives were just really complicated.

This fourth start I hope to keep up. I try to write every little thought, every little whimsical moment I could think of that would reflect upon my artistic soul… 

Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your comments and for all the encouragement. I hope I can inspire some, as many have inspired me.

Be awesome.

5 thoughts on “50 followers!! A bit about me…

  1. Inspiring and overwhelming ! It’s amazing to see how you managed to go through all the lows of life and still kept your spirits high. Keep writing my friend. You are a blessed writer and I look forward to reading your posts. Love and peace to you !! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I always try to be as positive as possible, letting my words hurt for me… also, those close to me have no clue this blog exists. I know that is super weird, but that is why I don’t use my name, I leave it as anonymous as possible. I need the release more than the notoriety, lol. I also really appreciate your writing! It is fantastic!!

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