Opening my eyes and you’re no longer there,

Bits and pieces still remind me,

Of a time when you still cared,

When you told me that you missed us,

When we shared our secret words,

I was your rock had total trust,

And suddenly it turned,

I can’t say just when the moment came,

No clue how it went wrong,

But our interactions were not the same,

Something was really off,

Then the lies began to show,

Discovered through the cracks,

I don’t think that I was supposed to know,

Your truths from all the facts,

I never deserved to feel left out,

I never did you wrong,

Yet I’m the one that you blacked out,

And now I am alone,

So start forgetting me and all the memories we shared,

As you search for your greener grass,

I will learn how not to care,

I never really mattered in your scheme of things,

But one day you will miss this,

Since you’ve lost all of my strings…

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