I never had a problem saying I’m sorry. I understand I make mistakes, I know I am no where near perfect. I think it’s important to say you’re sorry, but mean it. I wouldn’t say it to blow you off or change the subject. I genuinely felt regret for what I had done. Didn’t matter if it was a missunderstanding  or a defect in my character, I would own it. I never doubted your apologies either. They felt sincere. I’ve had apologies that left me questioning, others that I had no doubt were tools for dismissal. Why is it so easy for some, yet so hard for others? I wish we never had to say it, because there would be nothing to own up to. Reality doesn’t work that way. They say it is easier to hurt those you love the most. So technically, the people you love should be hearing that apology more than anyone else, but ask yourself “Do they?”

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