It started at hello…

It started at hello,

A dolce voice across the wire,

They spoke about their lives,

They sat, listened and admired,

Two minds so brilliantly connected,

To the other’s cynicism,

Waters beckoning with sin,

And they longed for a baptism,

Years it took for them to meet,

Old friends now face to face,

As passions burned without a stoker, 

As they longed for an embrace,

Fires hot and uninhibited,

Like two pieces forged in one,

Yet the timing was detrimental,

As another love had just begun,

Not to say that they were loveless,

They shifted off their paths,

One into a massive train wreck,

And the other filled with wrath,

Years would pass and then it happened,

Their paths would cross again,

As a voice came through the wire,

Sudden chaos turned to zen,

And the flames were even higher,

Burning passions all a glow,

But again the timing ruined it,

And someone had to go,

Paths were strayed again once more,

But only for awhile,

As they found themselves eye to eye,

And once again they smiled,

They had aged and they shared some thoughts,

That love was going swell,

They had found someone to marry

And one smiled and wished them well,

So they shifted way off their path,

And the months turned into years,

One in a loveless marriage,

The other consumed in tears,

Yet their paths were intertwined,

Never truly closing doors,

As they supported one another,

But one truly wanting more,

Thousands of miles they’ve grown apart,

Voices all they’ll ever know,

When they reach across the wire,

Find love on a “hello”…

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