The Watcher

Are you watching?

Can you feel my words as they call out to you,

Asking you to understand,

This is what I’m reduced to,

Scribbles on some paper begging for recognition,

Others looking for deeper meaning, 

For profound understanding behind a veil,

You know what this is,

The only form of real communication, 

of misunderstanding, 

Of shots in the dark,

Are you watching?

It’s not always about you,

The pain comes from misinterpretation,

From learning the truth,

From reading the same book, but different chapters,

What time we have left is about self discovery,

What will we learn, 

How much will we let slip through our fingers,

Are you watching?

Because when I’m gone you’ll wonder where I am,

Searching for what we had,

When you had it all along…

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