The Grey

A desire to just give in,

Just wanting something more,

Spoken words of recognition,

Only heard within my dreams,

Why can’t I just close the door,

On this fire that will consume me,

As I know I will get burned,

But the fire doesn’t mean to,

As the flame is what it is,

Why can’t I just walk away,

From the dance that never ends,

From the madness of the music,

As my body begins to sway,

Ever caught in it’s embrace,

I know they will survive,

but my mind has spun some lies,

Convinced me of this cage,

To which there is no key,

I will remain the tired soul,

Watching endlessly refrained,

Admiring from beyond a rope,

To view but not to touch,

How much more can one withstand,

When they know what is to come,

To feel without the feelings,

Slowly burning in my hell,

All for loving on an angel,

Endlessly waltzing in the grey…

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